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    German PM Schroeder: EU needs to stand behind its promises

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    14.09.2005 - 11:06 | Son Güncelleme: 14.09.2005 - 11:06

    German Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder visited the Frankfurt offices of Turkish newspaper and television group Dogan Media International yesterday. In a meeting with Dogan Media owner and CEO Aydin Dogan, PM Schroeder touched on the importance of the long standing relationship between Turkey and Germany, and stressed how vital it was for Germany to stand behind its promises to Turkey on the subject of the EU.

    Economic vitality in Turkey good for Germany too
    Schroeder spoke of the energetic trade between Turkey and Germany, saying "Germany exports to Turkey, as well as bringing in many Turkish goods. From the perspective of economic relations, it is very crucial for Turkey to continue its domestic reforms with the same decisiveness it has shown up until now. It was on the basis of these reforms that the EU decided last December to go ahead with accession talks for Turkey. I believe this is how it should be, because this way the EU will be keeping a promises it made some 40 years ago."
    Schroeder also warned that in order for Germany and the EU to be taken as honest factions, they should stand behind promises made in the past to Turkey: "Those who wish for to be believable and trusted need to stand behind the promises they made last September. My administration at least is doing this."
    Warning to Merkel about cultural wars
    Schroeder saved some of his words for his opponent in the upcoming elections in Germany, Angela Merkel: "Those who wish to start up a host of new cultural wars in Germany should not be surprised when this venture is rejected. I am warning Germany about making politics over Turkey's prospective EU membership, as well as about starting a campaign of fear against Turkish rooted Germans."


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