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    Foreign trade statistics

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    01.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey earned 4.62 billion USD from exports in January of 2005, Turkish State Institute of Statistics (SIS) said on Monday. According to the foreign trade statistics made public by the SIS, Turkey imported goods worth 6.96 billion USD in January 2005. Turkey's exports increased by 0.3 percent and the rise in Turkey's imports was 10.6 percent in January 2005 when compared with the same month of the previous year.Foreign trade deficit increased by 38.7 percent, and was recorded as 2.33 billion USD in January of 2005.Turkey had earned 4.61 billion USD from exports, and imported goods worth 6.29 billion USD in January of 2004. Turkey's foreign trade deficit was recorded as 1.68 billion USD in the same month of 2004.Below is the foreign trade statistics in January of 2004 and 2005:                                      JAN.                        2004      2005      change                         (million USD)        (percent)                        -------   -------    -------  EXPORTS           4,608     4,624        0.3   IMPORTS          6,292     6,959       10.6 BALANCE         -1,684    -2,335       38.7           PROPORTION RATIO  73.2    66.4   


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