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    Fenerbahce's Daum: Switzerland in no position to give ethics lesson to Turkey

    Hürriyet Haber
    18.10.2005 - 10:02 | Son Güncelleme:

    Christoph Daum, the German technical director for Turkey's Fenerbahce football team, has given an interview to a Swiss newspaper, Tagesanzeiger, in which he touches on Turkey's prospective EU membership, along with the controversial topics of the so-called Armenian genocide. Responding to a question about the genocide, Daum said this:

    "If we examine how Switzerland behaved on the subject of Nazi gold, or if we look at the behavior of some other countries on subjects close to this, then we can see that neither Switzerland nor Germany has the right to stand an give Turkey a lesson on morals and ethics. Even if there are a few subjects which Turkey needs to work on, there have been big reforms made recently, and I believe Turkey is strong enough to face its history."
    During the interview in Tagesanzeiger, Daum was asked why he used the pronoun "we" when referring to Turkey and Turks. This was his reply:
    "I have been living in Turkey for some 6 years now. This country has carved a place for itself in my heart, it has become my second home."
    Speaking about his efforts to support Turkish EU membership:
    "Speaking to newspapers in my country, I always say how important Turkey is to Europe. There is an image of Turkey which exists in Europe which has no connection to today's modern Turkey. I try to correct this when I get the chance. People from different religions and ethnic groups working together in Turkey try to get good things done. Turkey's EU membership would be an important step for world peace."


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