Fear of Taliban presence at meeting on Iraq

Hürriyet Haber
16 Aralık 2006 - 13:01Son Güncelleme : 16 Aralık 2006 - 13:02

The presence of Sheikh Haris Ed Dari, the leader of the Iraqi Sunni Ulema Committee, at a meeting in caused discomfort to Iraqis, religious Sunni leaders and United States officials at a meeting in Istanbul.

The meeting was organised by the “Global Initiative for the Struggle against Militancy”, in order to help the people. A number of religious Sunni leaders attended from Iraq, Qatar, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The central Iraqi government and the United States government were concerned that Ed Dari was present because he is believed to have ties with both the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The Iraqi Shiites and Kurds also hold Ed Dari responsible for the civil war.



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