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    Fatih Cekirge: What is the Turkish army's "correct spot"?

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    16.10.2008 - 10:22 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey's army chief delivered his harshest statement on Wednesday since taking office.

    There are three fundamental and sharp points of General Ilker Basbug's statement:


    1- The launched legal action against those who leaked and published this information.


    2- He said they are investigating this at the highest level possible. The commander of the Second Army has been heading the probe. This shows how seriously Basbug takes this situation.


    3- Basbug underlined, twice, efforts to present the terror organizations attacks as a success story. The army sees such efforts as actions to promote the Turkish Armed Forces as weak and helpless against the terror organization.


    Therefore Basbug made an open call: "I call on everyone to act with caution and stand in the correct spot."


    I would like to underline the phrase of "correct spot" in this warning.


    This shows that the army defined two "sides" in this debate: Those who support the terrorists and those who support the state organs.


    Basbug stresses that everybody should be on the same side as the state organs, not the terrorists.


    The result, Basbug delivered his first harsh statements since taking office.



    Another important question is this: How such classified and important information, intelligence reports and internal memos could be leaked at the same time?


    If the leaked information turns out to be accurate it would reveal a very serious problem. An international power who has close contacts with the Turkish Armed Forces is leaking it or there is a serious problem of a mole in the army.


    On the other hand, if this information is inaccurate and outright disinformation, this presents an even greater problem.


    We are waiting for answers to these questions that are creating confusion in the minds of the Turkish public.


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