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    Family Tragedy Causes Pain At Parliament

    Hürriyet Haber
    04.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The officials and experts of the Parliamentary Budget Commission felt big pain because of a family tragedy. A father, who was accused of sexually harassing his daughter shot dead his two daughters whose address were given to him by the commission.The Parliamentary Petition Commission which was set up to find solutions to the problems of citizens took action last September when father Halil Yondem petitioned, saying that his daughter Oya Yondem was kindapped in an organized manner from her home. Yondem said that he had petitioned to the Prosecutor but still could not find her daughter and "I feel that my daughter is nearing danger each day." After Oya Yondem,14, dissapeared, his brother Kursat killed their land lord for not giving him the address where her sister was kept, and had wounded his own wife and daughter. Learning about all these, the commission processed the petition of Halil yondem and urged the Interior and Justice Ministries to take urgent action. As a result the address of Oya Yondem was found in two months  , and handed to her father.  However at a deposition to police in October 2003, Oya had told the police that she fled her home because her father molested her. Father Halil Yondem then raided the home of his former wife, where his daughters were staying and gun-sprayed his two daughters. Cigdem died on the spot and Oya, at hospital. Father Halil Yondem then was captured and put into prison.Mmebers of the Petition Commission of Parliament who were very pleased of having solved a family problem, learned about the facts only  four months later by a letter of the Justice Ministry that said that the father who was harassing his daughters, had now killed them.
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