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    Ertugrul Ozkok: Why in our country?

    Hürriyet Haber
    07.02.2006 - 12:02 | Son Güncelleme: 07.02.2006 - 12:02

    I look at the pictures emerging from other Islamic countries. Embassies are being attacked. Crowds of maybe 15-20 thousand are marching, slogans being shouted. But not one attack on a church is being carried out. Yes, I am counting them one by one.

    It has the label "Islamic Republic" stamped over it. It is the country which has given the world the gift of "deep rooted Islamic fundamentalism." But do they have religious leaders who live in fear, under threat? And what about Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan.....their Islamicism is much stronger than ours. But, for God's sake, have you ever heard of a man of religion being killed in these countries? Is there anyone who has killed a Christian priest in these countries? Yes, buildings are burnt down there. But not a single person emerges from the provoked masses there to say "hey, let's go attack that church."
    And what's more, the number of churches in those countries is greater than in ours. As is the number of Christians. The sound of call to prayer from their minarets is no less than what we hear.
    We are praised constantly. We are a country whose population is 99% Muslim.
    We are a country who has raised minds that cannot handle one priest in a big city. We are said to be Muslim. And that small mind that carried out this 'feat' did it in the 'name of Islam.' No one taught him that Jesus was also his prophet. So ignorant that he didn't know that Islam counts churches too as Allah's house.
    This small mind never heard or read that the Vatican took its place in condemning the caricatures that inflamed the Muslim world. Well, as I said, he was an ignorant idiot. Even in the Islamic world's most fanatic countries, men of religion aren't attacked. Churches are not marched on. But our ignorant man turned his fanaticism on a church. But I am looking in another direction. I am after the real provocateur who turned this killer's ignorance down these paths. I am looking at the brains who target the Fener Patriarchate, who try to make out every Christian as a possible missionary, who, while European countries allow thousands of mosques to be built, can't hand three or four churches in their own country. I am looking at the provocateurs who use not guns but pens. Yes, I am looking.
    I am also considering those who for months did not raise their voices to these provocations. And those improvident, short-sighted 'government  officials' who aren't even aware of what's been happening. So short-sighted are these officials that they couldn't even come up with protection for a tiny church, whose members equaled maybe 11 or so; the city's only church.
    Let's ask ourselves: Are we a people who deserve all this? Are we so blind and deaf that we will pass this incident off as being "a single maniac's work"?


    Yes.......unfortunately, this is how the brainless provocations of one northern country's newspaper is reflected in the even more brainless people of this country. Our country....The Muslim world's only democracy. I write this, and pray, just pray, that no religious motif emerges from underneath this murder. Are there differences in degrees and rankings of low-level cowardliness?  I think about my country, trying to visualize us all one by one. And I write, damning the situation.



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