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    Ertugrul Ozkok: Why I won't go see Valley of the Wolves-Iraq

    Hürriyet Haber
    16 Şubat 2006 - 13:21Son Güncelleme : 16 Şubat 2006 - 13:21

    I keep on getting asked this question: "So, are you going to go to the Valley of the Wolves-Iraq film?" I give everyone the same answer: "I never watched Midnight Express. I would even have people change the channel if it were showing on TV and I was out somewhere. And thus I will not go to Valley of the Wolves-Iraq."

    This is my personal choice. In the end, these are both just films. And though I have not watched either of these films, as a journalist and a former sociologist, I cannot maintain a disinterested stance towards them. I try to understand what the people who made these films were thinking. Because both of these films have made waves outside the normal arena of cinema art itself.
    Another point I would like to make: There are many columnists in Turkey who are launching heavy criticisms at Valley of the Wolves. They are right, let them criticize. But I cannot pass up the chance to note this in passing: A great number of these columnists are the very same intellectuals who have contributed much to the anti-American sentiments in Turkey. And now these same people criticize Valley of the Wolves. And so I say to them, "You reap what you sow." And I add, you cannot be right in every single situation.



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