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    Ertugrul Ozkok: The end of the 'my victory, your failure' term in Turkey

    Hürriyet Haber
    08 Ekim 2008 - 10:56Son Güncelleme : 08 Ekim 2008 - 12:07

    If I am not wrong, it was in 1992 that some of our journalist friends participated in a tour of southeastern Turkey organized by soldiers stationed in the region.

    Most of our journalist friends returned feeling a sense of hopelessness and frustration.


    They told how the PKK had flown its flag in a mountain, the name of which I can't remember and said that after that the region was "lost" to us.


    * * *


     Look at what happened later?


    The killers were bombarded by the Turkish forces both within and across our border.


    Their leader was captured in Kenya and extradited to Turkey.


    Now, he will live out the rest of his life alone in a 25 meter square prison cell.


    Except for a few marginal gangs similar to the organization, no support remains for them anywhere in the world.


    I wrote about the Daglica attack and I reiterate what I wrote at that time.


    No one should grieve.


    When a military station is attacked it does not mean that the struggle against terrorism is lost.


    Seventeen Turkish soldiers were killed in the attack, but it should not be forgotten that they also suffered losses.


    If we calculate the number of dead:


    Let us look over the past.


    We lost 13,000 martyrs, however they have recorded 42,000 dead.


    It is true; they can still recruit young children to be sent to their death.


    Yes, it is true that the gang can attack a military station from time to time.


    Yes, it is true that the gang still has 6,000 bandits trying to shelter there.


    But, let us look at this issue from another perspective.


    Is it a success or failure for the gang to "still" have 6,000 bandits after 24 years?


    Is it a political success or failure for their demand to shift from an independent state to recognition of their ethnic identity?


    What does it mean to be lowered to the reference of "a cheap terrorist gang" by the United Nations and all of its member coutries after the members of the gang were shown sympathy by a few countries 15 years ago?

    Victory or the start of the end...


    The past 24 years showed that all their attacks were met with a response.


    Nobody, including the gang's leader in the mountains, his assistants in the cities should doubt that they would meet with the required response.


    We will also see them imprisoned beside their leader (Abdullah Ocalan) in Imrali prison.


    This nation is as determined as he is.


    * * *


    Of course we should also ask some questions of ourselves.


    Is it a success or failure for Turkey if 6,000 bandits remain despite the massive military force and money extended to the effort over the past 24 years?


    Isn’t it a huge loss that our children are still being killed in broad daylight at a military station located near the border?


    Some one should pay for this; but who?


    The military, as it has always done?


    Or those who say 'the nation's power stands in parliament,' and urge the military to take a step back?


    Maybe the German style approach should be implemented at this point.


    In other words, the military should be allowed to make reparation on their own behalf, while the politicians do the same on theirs...


    A solution needs to be found because we no longer believe in the tale that "victory is mine, failure is yours."  



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