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    Ertugrul Ozkok: Look carefully at Turkey's Fatih Terim in this photo

    Hürriyet Haber
    26.06.2008 - 12:23 | Son Güncelleme:

    In my point of view, Fatih Terim's picture was the most eye-catching thing in last Tuesday’s Hurriyet daily sport’s supplement.

    Knowing Terim, I don’t think I have ever seen a photograph that portrays him better.


    I looked at the photograph for minutes.  

    HürriyetIt is obvious he made his ego as one of his most effective weapons in coaching.


    The carefully selected white shirt, open at the neck, perfectly suits his passion and his rebelliousness.


    On his wrist is a watch with the star-crescent moon that is an ideological touch that takes him beyond football and his profession as the national team coach.


    He has ear plugs in his ears, IPod ear plugs, he obviously listening to music.


    It represents him; a modern lifestyle and a fundamental young-at-heart character.


    The photograph was snapped by a member of the foreign press.


    But what emerges is a portrait of a person from this country.


    If you ask me “Who is Fatih Terim?”; I would tell you he is the man in that photograph.


    I think I am one of the few people in the world who understands Fatih Terim best.


    It is impossible for someone to form an ordinary, impartial or dull relationship with him.


    You love him or you hate him, you can't do both at the same time.

    * * *

    Fatih Terim has a rebellious, look-outside-of-the-box characteristic and he refuses to listen and follow conventions.

    He refuses to have ordinary thoughts and attitudes.

    His character does not just consist of either thoughts or feelings.

    He is not the kind of man who only does or just gets by.

    He is also a "playing" coach.

    And what he plays is his character.

    * * *

    Fatih Terim is a coach who faces the risk of being "hated".

    He knows all too well that anyone who attempts to do something different, and who dares to implement change faces this risk.

    He is well aware that the future generations of this country, those who believe in themselves and can stand strong in the face of hatred, will be able to challenge the world.

    He believes in the need to challenge all the big names in the sports world, and all the common conceptions, with his mind, his actions and his expression in order to qualify Turkey in the top four teams of Europe.
    Fatih Terim is carries a typical Turkish and Mediterranean character.

    At home he is the member of a matriarchal family, and to the outside world, he is the father of a patriarchal football team.

    He sees his players as his "children"; at times he can become angry with them, and at others, affectionate...

    Regardless of what is said about him, in reality Fatih Terim is a very good coach for us.

    He reflects our soul and makes us strong and rebellious.

    He is also one of the most successful names in Turkish football history, like Aziz Yidirim*.

    He won the UEFA cup with Galatasaray and won a major victory by qualifying the Turkish National Team to the semi-finals in Europe. And nobody can erase this victory that is written on the wall of Turkish football history.

    This is why I wrote my column prior to the match.

    And I say with confidence that I will not change it after the match.

    I give thanks to our sons.

    And, thank you, coach Fatih Terim.

    * Note:  Aziz Yildirim is the long time president of Fenerbahce football club and is responsible for transforming the club into a successful and world renowned team. 



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