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    Ertuğrul Ozkok: An old communist answers the opposition's claims

    Hürriyet Haber
    12 Ekim 2005 - 13:52Son Güncelleme : 12 Ekim 2005 - 13:52

    I had wanted to say something to CHP leader Deniz Baykal, the man who "is not happy about" the EU accession talks with Turkey, and who has said he "cannot be forced to be happy" about the talks.

    But something I read on Monday made me pass up on this urge.
    Instead, I leave the task to a communist we all know, to a member of the "Turkish Communist Party" long a subject of public interest. This communist, as a price of membership in the Turkish Communist Party, lived for a long time in exile, and returned to Turkey only to go to prison. Today, this person will call out to Deniz Baykal in my place. To be exact, I am taking out the most striking portions of an article written by this person in his column in last Monday's Referans newspaper, and putting them in my column today.
    Maybe the name Nabi Yagci doesn't mean anything to some. Most people know him as "Haydar Kutlu," or the general secretary of the Turkish Communist Party. Here is what Nabi Yagci said to Baykal in his column from Monday:
    "Deniz Baykal, you may not be pleased, but let it go, and allow us to be pleased. Can you remember when the last time this society was pleased all together?...."
    Yes, these words are from a member of the Turkish Communist Party, a person who has experienced all the hardship from being a member.
    A small note here: Nabi Yagci is writing a series for Referans newspaper looking at the EU process through the eyes of the left. It is just in time too. These are articles which I am sure the left in Turkey, which is equated an anti-EU stance and anti-foreign investment stance, will read as an example.
    I agree with the opinions expressed by Prime Minister Tayyip yesterday whole-heartedly. Some circles in Turkey have begun to openly express a "capital racist" stance. First it was an open expression of "hostility towards foreign investment." Following this was "hostility towards Jewish investment" surrounding the Ofer deal. And after this, the criticisms of the Dubai investment capital. In the past, there have been campaigns against Russian capital. In this vein, important world level economic newspapers have begun to talk of "capital nationalism" when it comes to Turkey.
    I would like to say this openly to everyone who loves this country:
    In this era, it is necessary to exhibit the minds of everyone who is against foreign capital. We should all recognize that these are not minds which want what is best for our country. These are egoistic minds which see nothing other than their own narrow ideological beliefs, in their own small and dark world. These are minds which are so selfish that they are willing to jeopardize their own childrens' future for their fanatic ideals. And this is what we need to teach to these minds:
    This country will continue to run straight for prosperity, jumping over these dark manias like a horse.
    Last week Hurriyet ran news about the Dubai investment with the headline "Five billion dollar prayer time."
    Prime Minister Erdogan misunderstood this headline.
    Actually, we completely support this investment in Turkey development. Many of the people we work with have been to Dubai many times. There they have seen with their own eyes the dynamism and practicality of investors. We know very well what the capital that's been built up there means. And so we know well too what the result of combining that capital with Turkish economic dynamism will mean. There will be protests from the voices in Turkey which oppose everything. We should not let these jangle in our ears. The answer to these voices will come from tomorrow's prosperous Turkey.
    The prizes to the brave people who are today being accused of selling out to foreigners will be awarded by those who have received the real gift: Our children and


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