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    Erdogan to Neutralize National-View Followers

    Hürriyet Haber
    13.10.2003 - 11:44 | Son Güncelleme:

    Prime Minister Erdogan who announced their new political identity as "conservative democrat", is preparing to neutralize the followers of the National View, in today's general congress. By doing this he also aims at weakening the opposition which had played a role in the rejection of the March 1 Permit.

    AKP holds it first big congress today at the ASKI Sports  Hall. Erdgoan is expected to make a big renewal in teh appearance of his party, in this congress.  The Central Executive Board, MKYK which is the highest organ of the AKP is expected to be renewed 80 % in this congress.

    Erdogan reportedly does not plan a reshuffle at cabinet but will appoint a limited number of ministers to the MKYK including Deputies PM Mehmet Ali Sahin, Abdullah Gul, Abdullatif Sener, Justice Minister Cemil Cicek, Interior Minister Aksu and Defense Minister Gonul. 

    The bill of the congress to AKP has so far beeh half a trillion TL so far.

    Greek opposition leader Costas Simitis was invited by Erdogan to the congress to make an address.



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