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    Erdal's escape spells end of job for Belgian intelligence head

    Hürriyet Haber
    31.10.2006 - 11:14 | Son Güncelleme:

    Fehriye Erdal, the woman charged in the murder of Turkish businessman Ozdemir Sabanci, has now gotten the head of the Belgian Intelligence Department into hot water. Visiting Ankara this week for talks for Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht revealed that Koen Dassen, the current head of Belgian Intelligence, will be removed from his posting as a result of the incident earlier in the year where Fehriye Erdal was able to escape from the house where she was being held under arrest.

    De Gucht reportedly brought the matter up with Gul this week, noting that it was unacceptable for Erdal to have been able to escape from house arrest, when 32 members of the Belgian intelligence team were supposed to be watching her every move. Erdal's flight from house arrest opened the way to serious political debates in Belgium at the time, and eventually the decision to remove Dassen from his posting was made. Said De Gucht yesterday in Ankara:

    "If Erdal is still within Belgian borders, all serious efforts will be made to find her. We are hoping to find Erdal prior to November 7. If we do find her, we will absolutely extradite her to Turkey."



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