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Prosecutor seeks longer term for Zana
DİYARBAKIR - A prosecutor in Diyarbakır yesterday appealed the 10-year sentence given to former parliamentarian and Kurdish activist Leyla Zana, seeking another 45 years in jail for what she said in several speeches

Zana and three of her fellow now defunct Democracy Party, or DEP, deputies spent 10 years in jail for being members of the terrorist PKK organization only to be released after significant European pressure in 2004.

Zana was sentenced to 10 years in jail by a Diyarbakır court late last year over nine speeches she made and for being a member of the PKK.The prosecutor appealed to the Supreme Court of Appeals, and asked for an additional five years in jail for each of the speeches. The prosecutor said Zana had defended the jailed PKK leader, Abdullah Öcalan. Zana refused to call the PKK a terrorist group and called Öcalan "the leader of the Kurdish people."
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