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“Gentlemen, this is a condom” -Sex education classes in the Batman province aim to raise sexual awareness

The Chairman of the Chamber of Pharmacists in the 44th Region of the Province of Batman, Pharmacist M.Emin Beyaz and his team of volunteers, have piloted an educational programme for the public of Batman, where the birth rate is high, aiming to increase their knowledge of family planning and other sexual issues.

M.Emin Beyaz and his team handed out condoms to all those present, following a sex education class they gave to the congregation gathered at the Kirkat Village Mosque for their Friday prayer, telling them, “gentlemen, this is a condom”. All of the men gathered at the mosque, young and old, showed great interest in the condoms. Some of the older members of the congregation’s remark, “What is the use of using these after 10-15 children? It will make no difference now anyway. It is too late for us, but the youth of today should use them”, captured the attention of the sex education team. The men gathered at the mosque for the sex education classes were all ears for the duration of the class, where approximately 500 condoms were distributed. The mosque’s Imam Hamdin Acar approved the programme, stating, “This endeavour is also proper as regards our religion.”

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