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    Electronic communication bill submitted to parliament

    Hürriyet Haber
    21.10.2005 - 12:06 | Son Güncelleme:

    A bill named "the electronic communication bill" was submitted to the parliament speaker's office early this week, if the bill goes ahead it will open a way for state supervision over the electronic communication sector. It is aimed at providing electronic communication services, establishing and operating an electronic communication infrastructure and network and encouraging new electronic communication networks and services.

    The state will oversee the establishment of any sort of electronic communication devices, system and networks and their operation. International norms in terms of human life, safety, environmental and consumer protection will be taken into consideration during the establishment, use and operation of electronic communication devices and systems. The safety of information and communication secrecy will be also be ensured.

    The Telecommunication Board will be responsible for examining and investigating any policy or practices against competition rules within the electronic communication sector upon complaints. The board will also be in charge of taking measures to maintain competition and provide relevant information and documents with regard to issues that concern the board.  

    In all of its decisions concerning the electronic communication sector, the Competition Board will first take into consideration the views of the Telecommunication Board. As a result of its market analyses, the Competition Board will be able to determine the entrepreneurs with the efficient market power in order to ensure and protect an effective competition environment.

    The tariffs concerning the provision of any sort of electronic communication services will be freely set by operators in a way that does not contradict the relevant legislation and regulations. In the event that the operator is considered to have effective market power, the Telecommunication Board will be able to determine the procedures concerning the approval of tariffs and their supervision. 



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