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    Ecevit: Greeks are Racist, Expansionist and Religious

    Hürriyet Haber
    21.04.2004 - 10:19 | Son Güncelleme:

    During his support visit to TRNC President Rauf Denktas, former PM Bulent Ecevit said that Greek Cypriots were expansionist, racist, and over-religious and for this reason, Turkish and Greek Cypriots could only live side-by-side, not mixed.

    Ecevit, who as Prime Minister, had ordered troops in 1974 on Cyprus after a Greek-backed coup to annex the island to Greece and eradicate Turks in Cyprus, said that "That Greek Cypriots are against any compromise is clear from the world of Mr. Papadopulous, who called our Peace Operation as "Invasion." If we wanted to invade, we would carry on 2 or 3 more days and take over the whole island.

    "If U.S. and West left these two communities alone, they would perfectly live side-by side. "

    In the office of Denktas he said “Turkish Cypriots must be proud of themselves. Western observers who monitored elections saying that this place was not democratic, were embarrassed when they saw how democracy functioned here.

    “Not only Turkey but many in the world are trying to press President Denktas. But with the helf of God, Denktas overcame them and will continue doing so.

    “There has been uninterrupted peace in Northern Cyprus for 30 years. There are 6 internationally – credible universities here. Turkish leading Middle East University is expanding its campus here. But our businessmen have failed to invest in this small but strategic place. “

    Ecevit said “Turks are not responsible of the eternal fight going on in Cyprus, but Greeks are. They are racist, over-religious and expansionist. They still dream of Trabzon. Istanbul and Western Anatolia. Turks do not have such an ambition and for this reason the two sides can not cooperate productively. “



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