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    Dynasty letters: Correspondence of Father Uzan with His Sons

    Hürriyet Haber
    06.04.2004 - 10:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    In the letters included in the files of the Banking Regulating Board and the Capital Markets Board, the fierce fights between the members of the collapsed Uzan Empire are revealed.

    In the correspondences, it is seen that, the two sons had tried to receive a report of “mad” for their father, and that the father threatened their children with “Having them condemned for an infamous crime.”

    From Kemal Uzan to Cem Uzan: “Do you want me to get mad? What is this singer (he means Yesim Salkim, the ex-wife of Hakan Uzan) doing in Interstar? I did not work for 40 years and invest, in order for the advertisements of your girls friends to be published in television and media.”

    From Hakan Uzan to his father: “The embargo put on Yesim is unfair and against divine justice. It is not correct to do injustice to people and to slander.”

    From Hakan Uzan to Cem Uzan: “Yesim Uzan should enter the list from 3rd rank, should rise to number 1 in 3 weeks. Yesim has neither any lack of respect nor any fault to you.”



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