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    Dutch Insurer Aegon enters Turkish market

    HotNewsTurkey with wires
    22.10.2008 - 11:47 | Son Güncelleme: 22.10.2008 - 12:34

    Dutch insurer Aegon, which acquired Turkey's Ankara Emeklilik, entered the Turkish life insurance and pension market on Wednesday.

    Aegon's chief executive officer Gabor Kepecs said the company was aiming to be among the top five insurance companies for news sales in the coming five years, Anatolian Agency reported. 


    "I have a target to be in the top five for the new sales in the coming five years. I will prove that this can be achieved with a good administration team," he said.


    Aegon would seek any opportunities, including new acquisitions, to grow in Turkey, Kepecs added.


    Ankara Emeklilik, with over 54,000 pension fund members, was managing about 35 million euros ($45.1 billion).



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