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    Deal signed to improve gulf water circulation

    Hurriyet Daily News
    03.06.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    İZMİR - The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed an agreement with the Dokuz Eylül University Nautical Sciences Institute to clean up the İzmir Gulf by digging a channel at the bottom to improve water circulation.

    Under the agreement, a map of the gulf’s stream system and active seismic fault lines will be made and research will be conducted in various parts of the body of water.

    After the stream models are defined, the bottom of the gulf will be deepened to ease water circulation. According to a written statement released by the metropolitan municipality, the parties also expect to discover some sunken ships during the one-year project.

    Channel will be opened to strengthen the stream

    "There is a stream entrance off the Yenikale area that cannot go out from Ragıp Paşa Fish Trap. For that reason, cleaning cannot occur," Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said.

    "We will open a circulation channel around a depth of 12 meters at the fish trap area to straighten the stream. With this project, we are aiming to clean up the gulf and increase the diversity of living species there.

    This research will also give us the data needed to make a plan to built docks and marinas at the most convenient places in the gulf."

    Kocaoğlu added that the metropolitan municipality and the nautical sciences institute have been conducting research together for four years.

    "We agreed with experts at the university that a circulation channel is a must. With this protocol, we have accelerated our work," he said.

    The project would also determine the active seismic faults in the gulf, Kocaoğlu said, adding, "This will also help us define the earthquake risk to our city."


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