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    Dakhlallah says they want Turkey to help regional peace

    Hürriyet Haber
    09 Mart 2005 - 00:00Son Güncelleme : 09 Mart 2005 - 00:01

    Syrian Information Minister Mahdi Dakhlallah said on Wednesday that they wanted Turkey and Turkish people to put pressure on concerned parties to maintain regional peace. Dakhlallah said that the main target of Turkey and Syria was to enhance cooperation and reach peace.Stressing that bilateral relations between Turkey and Syria were in the interest of the regional countries, Dakhlallah added that not only Syria but all other regional states were concerned about the developments in the area.Dakhlallah said that they were anxious because of the threats, embargoes and military interventions, and noted that the region was undergoing difficult days and the threats were increasing.Syrian Information Minister Dakhlallah claimed that ''the real target of some groups in the U.S. administration was to support Israel's policies'' and said that ''the real problem is that''.Stating that Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon was not a new development and this action started in the past, Dakhlallah said that Syria could not stay in Lebanon and its presence there was temporary under the Taif Agreement.Dakhlallah said that Syria support peace and do its best to assure peace.On the other hand, Syrian Minister of Expatriates Buthaynah Shaban underlined that military interventions are outmoded in the 21st century and expressed his belief that dialogue is the best way to solve problems. ''But, unfortunately, something opposite happened. The war in Iraq has brought back old nightmares in our region,'' Shaban said.Shaban added that military interventions threatened all the region, and stated that Syria was working to safeguard the best interests of the region.Claiming that the United States aims to destabilize the region, Shaban said, ''therefore, they can open any kind of front against Syria.''Answering a question, Shaban said, ''nobody can say that Syria has weapons of mass destruction because everybody knows that it is a lie. Intrigues on Lebanon can be considered as just a starting point because (former Lebanese PM Rafik) Hariri's killing is the beginning of the game. The forces which staged this attack want to spread the instability from Iraq to Syria and Lebanon.''Touching on bilateral relations, Shaban said that Turkey, Syria and Iran had a high-level coordination, and this relationship was in the benefit of all concerned. He added that these three countries should stand together against harmful developments in the region.


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