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    Cuneyt Ulsever : To Whom Does Republic Belong?

    Hürriyet Haber
    22 Ekim 2003 - 11:19Son Güncelleme : 22 Ekim 2003 - 11:19

    “While we were thinking about how to celebrate the 80th year of our Republic, the invitation letters of the President for the October 29 Reception caused a controversy. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer had divided deputies that he invited to the reception into categories:

    1.Those Republican People's Party (CHP) deputies, who are assumed to have unturbaned wives: They are invited together with their wives.
    2.Those Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies, who are known to have turbaned wives: Their wives are not invited.
    3.Those AKP deputies, who are known to have unturbaned wives: Their wives are invited too.
    4.The open-headed female AKP deputies: Their husbands are invited, since there can be no problem about their cloths.

    “It is understood that the President made a discrimination between those deputies, whose spouses had the right to be invited others. In other words, he, like some other people, assumed that turbaned women had some kind of problem with the Republic.

    “I ask our President, who is distinguished by his respect for law,
    1.Did not anyone show you the researches, which revealed that about 70-75% of those, who vote for religious parties think that the benefits of the Republic are more than the harm it causes?
    2.Which law does dictate that turbaned women do not deserve to celebrate the national day?
    3.Which law does make discrimination among the citizens of the Turkish Republic?
    4.Where does the President receive his right to discriminate among citizens?
    5.Does discrimination enhance or damage our national unity and integrity?
    6.Is not the President the President of the public?
    7.What is the job description of deputies?
    8.Can deputies be divided into categories?
    9.Is the President inviting these deputies to his home or his temporary residence?”



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