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    Cuneyt Ulsever: The strongest political opponent that exists : Corruption!

    Hürriyet Haber
    31.01.2006 - 12:11 | Son Güncelleme:

    There is one opposition group which no ruling party in the world has been able to go up against: Corruption!Just as with bribery, corruption has no documentation, though in order to be effective, it has a basic criteria: After achieving general acceptance, that is when corruption really starts to have an effect. What's more, it continues to have effect until it destroys whatever party is in power!

    Another aspect to it is that once corruption achieves general acceptance in a society, it also achieves exemption from having to be proven.
    At the general elections on November 3, 2003, it was not actually AKP which won, but corruption which lost. The accusations of corruption aimed at members of the coalition government which had proceeded the elections had spread so far that the nation's vote for AKP was mostly a vote for a "clean" party.
    In fact, in order to benefit as best they could from the whirlpool of corruption their opponents had fallen into, the AKP even started calling itself the "AK Party," or "White/Clean Party."
    After all, just last week in Palestine, the most powerful opposition party in the country brought down the 40 year reign of Al-Fatah with one word: Corruption! And Ahmedinejad used this word to come to power in Iran.
    In South America, the same magic word defies US power by bringing down administrations that had been supported by the world's most powerful country, and replacing them with people that Washington did not want.
    In the past 6 months, the word "corruption" has started to be heard in Turkey once again. At first it was thought to be just a mud-slinging campaign by a hopeless opposition camp. But then, from a variety of different AKP-run municipalities, rotten smells started to rise.
    And finally, the words "Galataport" and "Dubai Towers" became the key phrases which brought together "AKP" and "corruption" in people's minds. And Treasury Secretary Kemal Unakitan also became a key name in this all.
    Accusations of corruption are bringing thrown out into the open for a variety of different reasons, but it is the very forward players in the AKP who keep inviting the newest developments on this front. The latest of these is Treasury Secretary Kemal Unakitan's accusation, later denied, about Deniz Baykal's personal wealth. It was a typical and somewhat not-surprising gaffe on his part. But this gaffe put a magnificant trump into the hands of the opposition.
    The opposition leaders revealed their personal wealth standings, and then turned the projectors on Prime Minister Erdogan. The Prime Minister then made a statement that was interpreted as being a promise that he would reveal his personal finances on Tuesday (today). But he took a step backwards from these words, saying they had been misinterpreted. As I write these words, I do not know what he is going to do. But, no matter what he says today, from this day onwards, the level of acceptance for these accusations of corruption will be higher than ever. If he in fact does not reveal his fortunes to the people, it will be thought that he "escaped from the truth." And if he does, he will not be able to get away from accusations that he did so "because he was afraid, and he covered facts up while making revelations."
    No matter what happens, the word "corruption" looks like it will stick to the "AKP" from now on.


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