CRYPTOCURRENCY – 70 out of 100 cryptocurrencies fell

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Deniz Kılınç / İstanbul, July 12 (DHA) – Among the top 100 most valued cryptocurrencies, 70 has fallen in the last 24 hours as the volatile trend continues.
Joseph Stiglitz, considered to be one of the top economists, said Bitcoin’s main use is to avoid taxes and regulation and that governments will soon act on it and Nouriel Roubini said Bitcoin is not a usable currency as it does not have a stable store of value and therefore cannot be used as a means of payment.
Following the statements, Bitcoin fell by 1.84 percent in the last 24 hours and is currently traded at 6,247 dollars.
Ethereum is one of the few tokens to rise in the last 24 hours by 0.45 percent and has a 435,80 dollars worth market price as of now.
Ripple and Bitcoin Cash follow Bitcoin’s lead and are traded at 0.43 and 689,07 dollars following 1.55 and 1.57 percent fall in the last 24 hours, respectively.
EOS leads the downward trend by 2.84 percent fall and is currently traded at 6.77 dollars.
Litecoin, Stellar and Cardano fell by 1.47, 0.87 and 1.07 percent in the last 24 hours and now have 75.67, 0.18 and 0.18 market price, alternately.
IOTA, market’s ninth most valued cryptocurrency by 2,650 million dollars, fell by 1.05 percent and is traded at 0.95 dollars.
Tether follows Ethereum’s lead and rises by 0.12 percent in the last 24 hours. The tenth most valued token is currently traded at 1.00 dollars.
Total market cap inches down to 247 billion 636 million dollars, while the 24 hours transaction volume is calculated at 11 billion 433 million dollars.


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