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    Controversy Over YOK Motion

    Hürriyet Haber
    16.10.2003 - 14:16 | Son Güncelleme:

    A dispute emerged between Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Republican People's Party (CHP) deputies in the Parliamentary Education Commission while the talks over the motion, which removes the differences between the graduates of regular high schools and Preachers' Schools in university entrance test were under way.

    Inaugurating the meeting of the Commission, Tayyar Altikulac, the Chairman of the Commission, said that representatives of the Education, Culture and Tourism, and Foreign Ministries and of the Higher Education Board (YOK) were invited to the meeting. Altikulac said that the YOK presidency announced with a written statement that it would not send any representative to the commission meeting on the grounds that the motion in question violated the Constitution and Primary Law on the National Education.

    Altikulac said, “We invited these experts to warn us whether there is an unconstitutionality in the motion. If the Chairman of the YOK thought that some parts of the motion was in violation with the Constitution, he should have come and enlightened us. I think it is strange that he just claims that the motion violates the Constitution but he does not explain why.”

    Altikulac said that the Inter-University Board and rectors asked to attend the meeting and their request was appreciated. Altikulac said, “I condemn this attitude of the YOK Chairman before the public opinion,” and he announced that the rest of the meeting would be closed to the press.

    However, CHP deputy Mustafa Gazalci said that Altikulac made statements before press and he also wanted to say something on the issue. When Chairman Altikulac rejected this demand CHP deputies reacted. CHP Istanbul Deputy Berhan Simsek said, “You made statements before cameras just to make an allusion at someone. You could have made those remarks in the closed session.” These reactions caused a debate between AKP and CHP deputies in the Commission.

    After cameras were removed from the meeting hall the commission continued its meeting.

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