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    Clear decision to meet with HAMAS

    Hürriyet Haber
    19.02.2006 - 12:56 | Son Güncelleme:

    State Minister Abdüllatif Şener stated that Prime Minister Erdoğan had brought HAMAS Leader Meshaal’s visit to the attention of the Cabinet on February 13, where it was discussed as to whether the visit should be kept secret or not. In line with Turkey's policy for conducting matters in a transparent manner, it was decided that everything should be reported on openly, however, ministers kept this a secret for 3 days.

    As the curtains are slowly drawn on HAMAS leader, Meshaal’s sensational visit to Turkey, I am discovering interesting details. Let me convey some of these. When did PM Erdogan inform the Cabinet of Meshael’s arrival? I asked State Minister, Abdüllatif Şener of the Cabinet. Şener stated, “it was on 13th February”. So three days before the news went off like a bomb. First, Erdoğan asked, “The HAMAS Leader wants to come to Turkey, what do you think?” Then Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül described the crisis occurring as a result of HAMAS’s election.

    As for Gül’s analysis, I obtained this from another source: “There are errors on both sides. The elections took place. If HAMAS is a terrorist organisation, it should not have been given a place in the elections. Now HAMAS represents the Palestinian people in a democratic way. In this case, we need to define what HAMAS is. Is it a terrorist organisation or is it merely representing the Palestinian people? HAMAS is also in a state of paradox. If it wanted electoral success, it has certainly achieved that. If it wanted to remain a resistance organisation, why did it present itself in the elections? Now it has come into power, it needs to go through changes. We need to give this message to HAMAS. Otherwise this crisis will get out of hand.”

    The concluding decision was of clear and transparent diplomacy.



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