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    CHP's Istanbul MP: They can kick me out if they want

    Hürriyet Haber
    14.10.2005 - 10:21 | Son Güncelleme:

    Istanbul MP from the main opposition Republican People's (CHP) Party, Zeynep Damla Gurel, who wrote a column this week protesting the stance of her party's leader on the EU accession talks, has defended her view, saying "If Deniz Baykal wishes to throw me out of the party, so be it." Gurel noted that phone calls she had received from Ankara following her article, which was published earlier this week in the Radikal newspaper, had been hopeful and supportive.

    Speaking with Hurriyet, Gurel noted that there had been no reaction as yet from the general headquarters of the CHP: "Nothing either positive or negative has come from the general headquarters. But fellow MPs have been supportive. Everyone is not required to think the same way. I do not think that my column was one which should have elicited a negative response from anyone who has been following the EU process closely anyway."
    Baykal, answering questions posed by a reporter on the issue, said the following:
    "This MP, in trying not to damage the official policies of her party, has used some careful expressions. Damla Gurel may not think like us. She may view the latest developments more positively. There are many people who think like her in this country. But they are wrong. Zeynep Damla Gurel is incorrect in her thinking."


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