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    Cankaya's Call To Denktas

    Hürriyet Haber
    07.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Just when he was to take the plane to return home from Istanbul, Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktas changed his program, upon a phone call made to him from the Cankaya (Presidential kiosk) and flew to Ankara. In the capital city, he had a 50-minute talk with President Sezer.A written statement by the Presidential Kiosk, said that the two presidents have taken up recent developments in Cyprus and have decided to maintain close contact “In this sensitive sage.” This sudden visit by Denktas became a topic of discussion between ruling AKP and opposition CHP. The critical Ankara visit of Denktas was shaped two days ago when Denktas explained the reasons of his opposition to the Annan Plan, at the meeting of the Bar Association in Bursa, just when the National Security Board convened. Then he finished the meeting to end. Meanwhile the Turkish Foreign Ministry started watching whether Denktas will remain in Turkey or leave.After the MGK meeting, the Ministry learned that Denktas will come to Ankara, According to information leaked, Denktas was pleased of the MGK announcement that clearly voiced concerns of the board on such issues as Turkey’s guarantorship status, bizonality and derogations. Before meeting President Sezer, Denktas met PM Erdogan. Milliyet’s Serpil Cevikcan says that the two men failed to persuade each other but departed “In a friendly mood.” According to leaking information, Denktas told Erdogan that “Do not trust in Greek Cypriots!” while Erdogan responded by saying that “Everything will be fine.”According to Cevikcan, the talk between Denktas and Sezer was one of “Sharing sorrows between friends.”CHP-AKP Tension There was also rumors that Republican People’s Party CHP played a role in the decision of Denktas to come to Ankara. This escalated tension between CHP and ruling AKP. Petitioning to the Parliament Speaker’s office last Friday, CHP asked from the Speaker to invite President Denktas and PM Mehmet Ali Talat to take the floor at the general assembly session on Cyprus. However, he was told by (AKP’s) Parliament Speaker Arinc that “He might make an application to us, and then make his address.” Upon this answer, CHP’s Deputy Chairman Onur Oymen exploded; “Since when Presidents have to petition to our Parliament to deliver speeches?” Meanwhile AKP’s official Salih Kapusuz talked with Speaker Arinc, implicating that they oppose the presence of Denktas at the general assembly. After meeting President Sezer at the Cankaya Kiosk, President Denktas talked on Channel 8 TV. Upon the persistent questions of his host about what President Sezer told him in their meeting, Denktas said “You can not ask me such a thing and I can not disclose what the President told me there. It is up to him to disclose.” HaberTurk Channel on Tuesday evening, reported that Presidents Denktas and Sezer have decided to have lunch today, in another meeting.


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