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    Britain urges continued momentum in Cyprus talks

    HotNewsTurkey with wires
    08 Ekim 2008 - 15:00Son Güncelleme : 08 Ekim 2008 - 15:01

    Britain’s Europe minister has urged Cypriot leaders to maintain the momentum in peace talks to reunify the divided island.

    British minister Caroline Flint said Wednesday after talks in Nicosia with Christofias that the two leaders were committed to the negotiations.

    Divided by arguments over territory, property, governance and power-sharing, Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat and his Greek Cypriot counterpart Christofias will continue discussions on the latter two issues this Friday.

    Cyprus has been divided since 1964 when Turkish Cypriots were forced to withdraw into enclaves.

    The launch of negotiations marked the first major push for peace since the failure of a U.N. reunification plan in 2004, which was approved by Turkish Cypriots but overwhelmingly rejected by the Greek Cypriots. 

    Past peace efforts have repeatedly floundered on the same sticking points - power-sharing arrangements, property rights for displaced Cypriots, the nature of a future federation and the intervention rights for Turkey and Greece. The two countries remain the guarantor powers for the island, which gained independence from Britain in 1960.



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