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    "Boats ouf of Watermelon Rinds" wins best national feature in Ankara

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    14 Mart 2005 - 00:00Son Güncelleme : 14 Mart 2005 - 00:01

    'Boats out of Watermelon Rinds' of Turkish director Ahmet Ulucay won the 'Best National Feature Award' during the 16th International Ankara Film Festival. The film unfurls the story of Recep and Mehmet, two young friends of modest means and admirable ambitions. After discovering that the small local theater regularly discards worn-out film, the boys have begun collecting and, in their own strange fashion, screening these cinematic cast-offs each night in an abandoned shed. Eleven films namely ''Fall of the Angel'' by Semih Kaplanoglu; ''Where Are You Firuze?'' by Ezel Akay; ''Boats out of Watermelon Rinds'' by Ahmet Ulucay; ''I am Afraid Mum'' by Reha Erdem; ''Heads or ails'' by Ugur Yucel; ''Welcome Life'' by Umit Elci; ''Helin's Dream'' by Nuray Sahin; ''Balance and Maneuver'' by Teoman; ''Protect Yourself'' by Ayse Polat; ''Dreaming Plays'' by Yavuz Ozkan; and ''Night 11:45'' by Ercan Durmus joined this year's National Feature Competition. The other award winners of the festival are as follows: -Best Director: Reha Erdem (I am Afraid Mum) - BesActress: Demet Akbag (Where Are You Firuze?)-Best Actor: Olgun Simsek (Heads or Tails) and Ali Dusenkalkar (I am Afraid Mum)-Best Supporting Actress: Isil Yucesoy (I am Afraid Mum)-Best Supporting Actor: Koksal Engur (I am Afraid Mum)-Best Original Screenplay: Nilufer Gungormus-Reha Erdem (I am Araid Mum)-Best Screen Director: Hayk Kirakosyan (Where are you Firuze?)-Best Art Director: Naz Erayda (Where are you Firuze?)-Best Music: Erkan Ogur (Heads or Tails)-Best Film Editing: Mustafa Preseva (Where are you Firuze?-Boats out of Watermelon Rinds)-Inspiring New Director: Nuray Sahin (Helin's Dream)-Inspiring New Actress: Tulin Ozen (Fall of the Angel)-Inspiring Actor: Ismail Hakki Taslak-Kadir Kaymaz (Boats out of Watermelon Rinds), Ozan Uygun (I am Afraid Mum)-Inspiring Screenplay Writer : Nuray Sahin (Helin's Dream).


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