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Let me make this clear from the start: I have no preconceived wish that Turkey enter into northern Iraq.

So please let no one interpret our requests as some sort of hysterical cries such as "What are we waiting for? Why have we still not gone and hit Barzani and Talabani?" or "Why haven't we shown America our strength?"
No, for us the question is how we can get rid of this band of traitors called the PKK with as little damage as possible. And how we can create effective policies to this end. And how we can be as courageous as possible so as to not escape from implementing these policies.
That's it....
But we are saying openly that this administration, which is constantly praised for possessing the "strong support of the national will" has no policy which is aimed at getting rid of the PKK.
And a government lacking policies cannot skillfully lead a nation.
Unfortunately, that is Turkey's current situation.
A government spokesman recently noted that we are "at the juncture where words end."
That's wonderful.....in that case, let's leave off of words, and look at actions.
Is our main action to send the US a new memorandum?
Or is it to invite Jelal Talabani to Ankara, treating him as well as possible?
The same Prime Minister who has said that "The presence of the PKK in northern Iraq must come to an end in order for success in the struggle against terror" has also said "We are obliged to be successful inside our own borders before we ask for help from Iraq."
The all-for-show High Board for the Struggle Against Terror made a statement yesterday noting that "all the necessary orders and commands will be given for every kind of precaution deemed urgent, including a possible over the border operation."
What do you say, shall we believe them?