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    Bekir Coskun: You stagger on, Suleyman.....

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    13 Ekim 2005 - 13:53Son Güncelleme : 13 Ekim 2005 - 13:53

    There has been no news about Suleyman for a long time. After my column, "Suleyman's CV," I heard that he had dropped his CV off at a few places, but that none of them had offered him work. I don't know what Suleyman is doing in the meantime. But he is not happy.

    Like every university graduate, he has passed up on his dreams of a little car, and has started instead to dream of the back seats on a municipality bus, seats that he could sit in on the way to work. His dream of a little house is gone too, as is his dream of running with a bouquet of flowers towards the girl on the corner. 
    But look, the Prime Minister's son, on the day he graduated, began his job at the World Bank. He got married at a wedding attended by 9,000 people. And yesterday, Hurriyet carried the news that he is now buying a $260,000 house in America. 
    But you stagger on, Suleyman 

    There has been no news of Suleyman for ages.

    University graduates in Turkey walk the streets and sidewalks in a fruitless search for jobs. Those looking for secretary jobs that might pay 300-400 YTL a month still haven't found anything. CVs dropped with hope at businesses, foundations, government jobs, and private sector jobs get no response. No one is giving out jobs to these graduates. These kids are embarassed in front of their families. They have been silenced, and like perpetrators of some crime, their necks slump. 
    Because this is the natural result of an "upward moving" economy based on the earning of easy money, money which requires no sweat to fall from the brow. Those who are honest and straight stay hungry. The gangs which run the economy are made up of a politician-bureacrat-businessman triangle, taking trillions from banks. Suleyman will not be included in this....
    This is the natural result of stupid elders giving their votes for years to thieves, and the children, you see, pay the price.
    And so Suleyman staggers on.....


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