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    Bekir Coskun: The ground and sky keep burning....

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.10.2007 - 13:08 | Son Güncelleme:

    I don't know how much interest you show in Turkey's terror victims. I do know that you see photos in the newspapers, watch the images on television, and that your insides ache as you say to yourselves, "Look at those traitors," thinking about the terrorists.

    But then your mind might start to wander to the electric bill, the guests you have coming over tonight, that shirt you saw in the store window, or some bit of gossip you are thinking of passing on to a friend.
    But in those homes far away from here, there is no place for any of these thoughts.
    Because over there, the ground and sky are burning.
    Yes, over there is a hell, filled with the shrieks, the cries, the mourning of mothers, fathers, and lovers.
    The cushions and pillows of those homes are burning.

    And after the news showing the line of coffins is over, we return to normal. Neither sorrow nor even our little reactions remain.
    You have forgotten the coffins.

    In societies where such feelings aren't kept alive, everyone will, in time, be burned.
    Did you know that the Democratic Society (DTP) Party has taken their oaths in the Turkish Parliament, receive their salaries from the government, and refuse to refer to the PKK as a "terror organization"?
    Of course you knew that.
    But were you aware that this administration was the "strategic partner" of the US, which has supplied weapons and assistance to the PKK, and which plans on giving our soil over to "Kurdistan"? Yes, you might have been aware of this.

    Don't you see then that those coffins are just a part of this game?

    You see that.
    But you have no reaction, your voices do not ring out, you just watch from your homes.
    In fact, to the contrary of reacting, you instead made the number one man in these policies of concession Prime Minister, while you made the second man President.
    And the coffins continue to roll in.
    And in those homes so far off from here, the ground and sky continue to burn.




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