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    Bekir Coskun: Don't cry, my little rose

    Hürriyet Haber
    25.07.2007 - 15:28 | Son Güncelleme: 25.07.2007 - 16:27

    When the election results came in, I saw her on the television. It was clear that she was one of those modern Turkish women, displeased with the images of a Turkey from the Middle Ages, and willing to pick up a flag, when necessary, and run for the city squares to protest. She was crying......
    She was left alone, alone with certain wishes and desires that only a woman could want for her children: security-peace-a future. She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand......
    And then, without speaking, she stood up and walked away, off the screen.


    Actually, I know these days well.
    Balloons will cover the skies, and the fireworks of hypocrisy will explode one after the other above our heads.
    The fickle traitors hold pinwheels in their hands.
    Don't cry my rose, I have lived and re-lived these false celebrations over and over during my lifetime.

    This is how it has always been.

    And if there were even one single truth, one single right, one single reality to these celebrations, this country would not be like this.
    How many times now have we tried to escape, to try and find somwhere to hide?
    How many times have they said to us: "You traitors.....You don't see the truth......You are not even aware of the light raining down on us from above."

    As it is, if we had been wrong even once, today they wouldn't be celebrating the fact that "Turkey has finally achieved its stability."
    Because the celebrations of the past were all lies.

    Yes, I know these days, have seen them before.

    I learned my lessons, crushed before wagging fingers, and words telling me "I told you, have you learned now?"
    These are the sorts of celebrations which are carried out single parties and the happy minorities which support them.
    A people who are blind-deaf-dumb celebrate their umpteenth independence festival, without wondering why it is that they still haven't been saved and made independent.
    I will not forget that you are crying, that you have cried, and please, you try not to forget this column of mine.

    We have learned that sooner or later, those who are in the right are granted their rights, and that false celebrations have to wind down in the end.
    And we have also learned to walk down our road, even if we are completely alone.....
    Don't cry my rose.



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