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    Baykal rains criticism on Erdogan's administration for Hamas visit

    Hürriyet Haber
    22.02.2006 - 10:09 | Son Güncelleme:

    Leader of the main opposition Republican People's (CHP) Party, Deniz Baykal, has issued an stern criticism of the ruling Justice and Development (AKP) Party's attempt to relay a series of messages to the new Hamas leadership during a secretive visit by Hamas leader Halit Meshaad to Ankara last week. "They are saying 'Well, we couldn't solve the turban crisis, so let's find a solution for Hamas' " said Baykal.

    Speaking further to a parliamentary group yesterday, Baykal said this: "It is not clear who invited Hamas. There is no one who is taking responsibility for the invitation. Hamas has not said 'We have left off our weapons and recognize Israel.' If that were the case, we would be congratulating the administration. But with the situation the way it is, Foreign Minister Gul is stepping forward to say 'Of course we called them here. We hold the deeds to their lands.' Even the lightbulbs were embarassed by this visit, that's why they had to cover them. The Prime Minister took a tour of a furniture store so as not to meet up with Hamas while they were here. Look, Iran called them to visit Tehran, and took pictures with the Hamas leader which were then printed across the world. I wonder why Erdogan doesn't do that?"


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