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    Baykal in Athens: the PM has distorted the truth

    Hürriyet Haber
    01 Şubat 2006 - 09:26Son Güncelleme : 01 Şubat 2006 - 09:26

    The leader of the main opposition CHP Party, Deniz Baykal, has said in reference to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech to a parliamentary group yesterday, "The Prime Minister did not explain his finances. That is the important thing." Baykal also attested that the PM had distorted the real situation with CHP the bank it owns, Is Bank: "Neither before my time nor during my time has even one 'kurus' from Ataturk's legacies entered the coffers of the CHP."

    Some further highlights of statements made to the Hurriyet by Baykal on this subject:
    "I will respond to the Prime Minister's speech in greater detail in my own speech to the parliamentary group. My I want to say this right now: There has never been one kurus from Ataturk's legacy, resulting from the Is Bank shares, which has entered into CHP coffers. CHP has never spent any of that money. This is always the way it has been, even with CHP leaders before me."

    "The Prime Minister is knowingly distorting the situation. His analyses in front of parliament are complete distortion. The question is one of revealing personal finances. Which brings about another distortion of his: there are no laws preventing him from revealing his finances. He could reveal them if he wanted. But he wasn't able to. This is the important point. This subject is not just cheap polemics, it is the most important subject in the world. Here is what I say: let him reveal his finances."

    In Athens for a meeting of Socialist International, Baykal toured the Acropolis, and responded to a question about what he thought about a saying attributed to Greek philosopher Socrates: "Politicians should be poorer when they leave the arena of politics than when they first joined it." Said Baykal, "There can be economic changes in a politician's life, but they should be appropriate to law, justice, and ethics. Of course, it would not be right for a politician to turn his or her back on life, to want nothing from it. Even religious men don't do this. But getting rich from politics is not right. The best thing is to institute a care-taking system, a transparent system....Politicians should be able to account for everything to the people, and it should always be clear what they received and from whom."



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