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    Baykal "Documents are coming to us"

    Hürriyet Haber
    31.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    In Ankara, there is a rule. "Rumors about broken rules are always whispered from ear to ear first. Then information starts to leak out. And in the end, documents to support it always surface." This rule has always been true.And it is so under the current period of AKP domination.  Documentation of illegalities under AKP is starting to surface.  In a meeting recently with CHP leader Deniz Baykal, Baykal had this to say about the matter: "....AKP began to become dirtied with these accusations very early. Document after document are coming to us now. Some of them are very important."  Baykal gave examples from the Departments of Energy and Customs, saying "The painful thing is that in both of these departments, the illegalities taking place are under bureaucrats put into place by AKP." He adds that Erdogan and the AKP are not interested in getting to the bottom of the illegalities, but instead concerned with how to conceal them.  Baykal accepts that though this could happen under any administration, when the documents supporting the fact that there have been illegalities under AKP come out, it will be impossible to ignore them.  Baykal is especially concerned with the Department of Energy, saying that the price of natural gas from Mavi Akim, unlike what the official documents would show, was not a reduced price, and that to this end, Turkey has been cheated, and that it can be proven. "The former agreement was in Turkey's favor.....until one day, Gazprom representatives came and had meetings at the Energy Department for 5 hours.." Baykal continues, "Let's say that there were other things in Turkey's favor under this agreement. But there aren't. The truth is not being told. They are lying to us as though we were children. Turkey has lost billions of dollars. Documents and agreements will show this. Look, we are saying this: while past prime ministers are being tried at the Supreme Court, the papers to try the current Prime Minister are being prepared."  Baykal is also concerned about the money-one trillion Turkish lira per month-which was supposed to go from the Turkish Jockey Club (TJK) to the Social Services Fund for Children (SHCEK). Baykal cannot undertand why the Children's Services funds would pass up the money, when they are so underfunded for so many programs as it is. Says Baykal "The decision to pass up this monthly payment was made in a lawyer's office under the witness of an MP." In his hands, Baykal holds documents showing which lawyer's office this took place in, but he is unwilling at this stage to disclose any names. Still, he makes clear that the lawyer is the son of an important member of the AKP. It is clear that until Erdogan picks up the sword to fight back, Baykal will have an easy time playing his trump cards of accusation.


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