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    At "bitter" Eid celebration, General says: We will soon put your minds at ease

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    13 Ekim 2007 - 12:51Son Güncelleme : 13 Ekim 2007 - 13:51

    Speaking at an Eid celebration in Malatya, General Hasan Iğsız, commander of the Turkish 2nd Legion, stoked rumours of a planned cross-border operation against PKK terrorists in Northern Iraq following heightened attacks in Turkey over the past month.

    “There will be developments that will put both your minds and that of the public at ease in the very near future," Iğsız said.

    General Iğsız paid a visit to the family of petty officer Ahmet Sarıoğlu, who lost his life in Şırnak fighting for his country. When asked by journalists to comment on recent PKK terrorist attacks in Şırnak, Gen. Iğsız replied, “Wait and see what will happen in the near future.”

    Attending Eid celebrations at the Malatya Governorship, Iğsız made the following statement: “We are having a truly bitter Eid. We are in terrible mourning for all the lives that have been taken away. However, if you are to ask whether there is a change in our attitude, I will respond that we are more determined than ever."



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