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    As Turkish Parliament passes motion, world calls for calm and temperance from Turkey

    Hürriyet Haber
    18.10.2007 - 09:41 | Son Güncelleme:

    With Turkey's determination to pass the motion allowing for over the border military operations into northern Iraq apparent to the whole world yesterday, diplomat traffic in Ankara heated up, with messages relayed from NATO, the US, and Iraq to Turkish administration officials to "remain calm."

    While Iraqi Vice President Tariq Hashimi departed from Ankara leaving reporters with the impression that he had been able to arrange for more time for the Baghdad government to deal on its own with the PKK forces hiding in northern Iraq, Turkey's Special Representative to Iraq, Oguz Celikkol, delivered special briefings to foreign embassies in the capital on the motion passed yesterday by the Turkish Parliament (TBMM). In his briefings to foreign envoys, Celikkol underscored Turkish determination to target only the PKK terror forces in Iraq, and no other entities:
    "The operation which will be carried out as needed will in no way threaten the unity of Iraqi soil, nor Iraqi citizens. As we have said many, many times, our only target is the PKK."
    Meanwhile in Ankara, the US Ambassador to Turkey, Ross Wilson, carried out his own efforts in regards to the Turkish motion to engage in an Iraq intervention, warning that while the US understood that Turkey's patience was wearing out, "Turkey should not act by itself."


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