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    "Arafat and El Fatah were also labeled 'terrorist' "

    Hürriyet Haber
    21.02.2006 - 10:26 | Son Güncelleme:

    In a press conference held at the Turkish Parliament (TBMM) yesterday, ruling Justice and Development (AKP) Party MP Eyup Fatsa noted that in the past, both former Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat and the El Fatah party had been labeled as "terrorist," but had then made efforts for peace. Fatsa then went on to note, in a pointed reference to controvery surrounding last week's visit to Ankara by a Hamas delegation, "for Hamas, this is possible too."

    Talking about the AKP's dialogue with Hamas leader Halit Meshaad last week, Fatsa said "We (Turkey) said what the world was wanting to but was unable to say." Responding to a reporter's comment that Hamas didn't seem to have been affected by the messages given to them by AKP leaders, Fatsa said "Whether or not they have been affected, we did our duty. We will see the results in coming days."
    Meanwhile, AKP administration officials have tied the tension coming from Israel following the Hamas visit to Turkey to the current "election atmosphere" in Israel. Noting that Israel would be having elections in March, AKP Spokesperson Cemil Cicek said "We hope that after the elections relations between the two countries will return to normal."


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