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    Applause for Pamuk's political remarks at Frankfurt awards ceremony

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    24 Ekim 2005 - 12:08Son Güncelleme : 24 Ekim 2005 - 12:08

    Acclaimed Turkish author Orhan Pamuk yesterday received the coveted Peace Award from the German Publishers and Booksellers Foundation. Pamuk accepted his award, and the 25 thousand Euro purse that comes with it, at a ceremony in Frankfurt.

    Pamuk: Turkey's place is in Europe
    In a long speech given at the awards ceremony, Pamuk criticized the stance of some European factions against Turkish EU membership. Without naming names, Pamuk spoke about the September early general elections in Germany, saying that some politicians had tried to use fear of Turks and Turkey for political gain in their campaigns: "The nurturing of anti-Turkishness in Europe has unfortunately opened the path for anti-European nationalism in Turkey," he warned. Pamuk also stated that as far as he was concerned, Turkey's place was in Europe: "Just as I cannot imagine a Turkey without dreams of Europe, I cannot believe in a Europe without Turkey."
    Pamuk received some of his biggest applause at the Frankfurt ceremony when his speech touched on what he called "the black spots of history," and the role of Armenians and Kurds in Turkish history. Said writer and translator Joachim Sartorius: "Pamuk is the only person who has introduced Turkey to us."
    Speaking to reporters following the ceremony, Pamuk responded to a question about how he felt that no officials from Turkey had attended the ceremony: "True, no one from Turkey came. But I was not expecting anyone to come. The fact that no representative from the Turkish government came is actually an honor for me. I am pleased with the situation."


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