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    Antalya’s Expo2014 road map revealed

    Anatolia News Agency
    28 Nisan 2009 - 00:00Son Güncelleme : 27 Nisan 2009 - 18:08

    ANTALYA - Antalya recently geared up to host the Expo2014, which is one of the biggest exhibitions in the world, by recently having compiled an assembly of specialists for the bidding process.

    Antalya Governor Alaaddin Yüksel organized a meeting to prepare instructions for Expo2014 attended by professional chambers and the Antalya deputy for the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, Sadık Badak. Yüksel, talking in the meeting, said the theme of Expo2014 would be "Flowers and Children."

    Four months left
    Stating that the host country of Expo2014 will be announced in September, Yüksel said they have a strong belief that they will win the bid to host Expo2014. He said the biggest competitor for the bid was Zaragoza in Spain. Yüksel said all people in Antalya met at the common point of knowing that this expo would be to Antalya’s benefit.

    "If we win this bid, Antalya will have a lot advantages. We will never give up on Expo2014. The Foreign Ministry continuously gives us information about the developments. We are not interested in other competitors’ advantages of disadvantages. We deeply believe that we will win the bid to host Expo2014," Yüksel said.

    AKP’s Badak said they should be careful in their statements about the expo because everything published in the press was reported to Spain via the Spanish Embassy. During the meeting, authorized branches were formed and plans for the expo were prepared. According to the plans, the Expo2014 council, the executive committee, the inspection committee and members of these committees were chosen.


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