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    Ankara: Israel leaked news about Gul's meetings with soldiers' families

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    24 Ağustos 2006 - 09:55Son Güncelleme : 24 Ağustos 2006 - 09:55

    Ankara has reacted strongly to the Israeli government, following news that it was Israel which leaked news to the press of the meetings which took place between Foreign Minister Abullah Gul and the families of the captured Israeli soldiers during Gul's recent visit to Israel. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Namik Tan said yesterday at a press conference, "In this matter, the side which wanted secrecy was Israel. But in opposition to this desire, the side which leaked the news was also Israel. Since it wants this to be known, then all of the details of these matters should be made known. And we will say which things there are which should be known."

    Tan went on, "The request for a meeting with Gul was relayed to us through the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The families told Gul that they were opposed to the war, that they were very sad for everything the Lebanese families had been through, that they absolutely did not condone what had happened. They also noted that their children were not even soldiers, but were reserve fighters, and that they were not prepared for war. They requested humanitarian help from Gul."
    The Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara has revealed that the person who leaked news of the meeting between Gul and the Israeli families was in fact a top level official in the Israeli Embassy in Ankara. Officials in Ankara also noted that the appropriate warnings would be made to this unnamed official.



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