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    Alpman says people's life not in danger in Kyrgyzstan

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    27.03.2005 - 13:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkish Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Serpil Alpman said on Sunday that people's lives were not in danger in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for the moment, but Turkish citizens living in the country should be careful.

    The Turkish diplomatic delegation which is in the country started its contacts the same day in Bishkek by meeting with Turkish businessmen.

    Alpman said in the meeting that the Turkish Embassy worked hard to ensure security of Turkish citizens living in the country. ''We did our best to increase security measures,'' she said.

    Alpman said that there were attacks on the business places of Turkish citizens during the recent developments in Kyrgyzstan, but fortunately no Turkish people died. Alpman stressed that the Embassy met and cooperated with the Turkish businessmen when the incidents in the country started. The attacks were done against everybody, not only against Turkish companies, Alpman said and added that the government would send another plane to evacuate Turkish citizens.

    The second plane which was expected to take off from Ankara today, would land at Osh on Sunday to evacuate Turkish students, academicians and their families in Jalalabad and Osh, Alpman said. The Kazakh border was also open and Turkish businessmen could send their families and employees to Kazakhstan and the Turkish Embassy in Almaty was ready to cooperate, she said. Turkish businessmen asked Alpman to take action
    at the level of Kyrgyz government to make up for their losses.

    More than 25 business places belonging to Turks in Bishkek were attacked, burnt, looted and robbed and the losses in Turkish business places reached 20 million USD.

    The head of the Turkish diplomatic delegation, Metin Goker, the first Turkish Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, will meet new Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Roza Otunbayeva this afternoon. Goker is also expected to meet Kyrgyz head of the National Security Ministry Felix Kulov on Sunday or Monday.

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