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    Ahmet Hakan: Why they hate you

    Hürriyet Haber
    17.07.2006 - 10:19 | Son Güncelleme:

    Hey you Western intellectuals! Do you remember? You know what I'm talking about, the days right after September 11. After the initial shock had worn off, you faced your consciences, and turned your eyes towards the East, asking that "naive question" of yours: "Why do they hate us so?"

    If you'd like, I can provide some answers to that question:
    They hate you because: You are so deeply enveloped in lack of compassion that you see it as normal that the gorgeous city of Beirut be destroyed for the sake of some Israeli soldiers. It is because they are sure of this unfairness that they hate you.
    They hate you because: On your televisions, as the speakers announce "Israel is fighting with two enemies on different fronts," the images show the bodies of young girls from these two "enemy countries," bodies which have been ripped apart by bombs. So it's for this reason, for this open and unhidden side-taking, that they hate you.

    They hate you because: As bombs destroy Beirut, your turn your microphones towards the Israelis, and ask "How does it feel, living under bombs in Haifa?" It is for this evil double standard that they hate you.

    They hate you because: As bombs fall on Beirut citizens, your "number one man" decides to warn the aggressor only to "keep civilian casualties at the lowest level possible." This is another reason why they hate you.
    They hate you because: While you maintain your calmness when faced with the images of dead children, you lose your composure when talking about the "rising" or "anticipated to rise" petrol prices. It is this insanity that they hate you for.

    They hate you because: Just as unlucky Beirut was coming back to life, after a huge struggle, you gave such easy permission for it to be turned back into its old state. And it is this lack of mercy and compassion that they hate you for.




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