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    ADOB celebrates World Dance Day

    Anatolia News Agency
    29.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ANKARA - As part of an international celebration of dance, the Ankara State Opera and Ballet will premiere its new performance, 'Life and Tango,' today. 'This will be a very special play to be staged as part of this year’s celebrations,' says chief choreographer Zeynep Odabaşı

    As part of the international celebrations of World Dance Day, today the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, or ADOB, will perform a brand new work, "Yaşam ve Tango" (Life and Tango).

    The piece includes three choreographies: Korean guest choreographer Young Soon Hue Simon’s "Backstage" and "This is Your Life," and Istanbul State Opera and Ballet chief choreographer Beyhan Murphy’s "Aheste Beste."

    "This is Your Life" will be accompanied by the music of Astor Piazzolla and Gade, performed by a six-person orchestra comprised of ADOB artists. State artist Sabri Özmener will narrate the story, which contains sections including "Trio," "Beauty Saloon," "Businessman and Six Men," "Tango Duet," "Chair Dance" and "Love Duet."

    The leading roles in the play will be shared by Elif Fırat, Özge Başaran, Cankat Özer, Sanem Subaygil, Ayşegül Aydemir, Selin Sezer, Hakan Odabaşı, Burak Kayıhan, Serhat Güdül, Meram Ölçmen Dal, Sanem Ergüler, Bahri Gürcan, Arzu Dirin Kıran, Mine İzgi Örsçekiç, Emre Güler and Oliver Spence.

    ’Everyone will find a piece from their life’
    "This will be a very special play staged as part of this year’s celebrations" of World Dance Day, said ADOB chief choreographer Zeynep Odabaşı, adding that they had seen Simon’s choreography and decided to invite him to work with them. Both of his pieces for the performance contain much evidence of life, she said, with the "Backstage" section revealing "what is happening behind the curtains" at ADOB.

    The other featured choreographer, Beyhan Murphy, is well known for her many years of work with the Modern Dance Group in Ankara. Her piece for this performance, "Aheste Beste," contains Turkish music motifs.

    "The work brings all phases of life to the stage," said Odabaşı. "Everyone will find a piece from their life. We believe that this work will be appreciated." She said the show would be performed through May.

    The premiere of "Life and Tango" will also feature a joint exhibition in the ADOB foyer, containing ballet photographs by dancers İlknur Okan Erdir, Arzu Dirin Kıran and Volkan Kıran and photographers Ahu Savan An and Evren Arısoy.

    A place for dance
    World Dance Day, celebrated every year on April 29, was established in 1982 in order to attract attention to the art of dance. The idea was suggested by Pyotr Gusev to commemorate the birthday of influential French dancer and ballet-master Jean-Georges Noverre. The goals for the day include increasing awareness among the general public about the importance of dance and persuading governments all over the world to incorporate dance at all levels of education, starting in primary school.


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