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    A teenager detained

    07.02.2006 - 11:40 | Son Güncelleme:

    A teenager was detained in the northern city of Trabzon on Tuesday in connection with the killing of Andrea Santaro, Italian Roman Catholic priest of the Santa Maria Church.

    “A 16-year old high school student has been under custody at the Security Department in connection with
    the killing of Italian Roman Catholic priest Andrea Santaro in northern city of Trabzon,” said Trabzon Public Prosecutor Burhan Cobanoglu on Tuesday.

    Releasing a statement, Cobanoglu said, “the high school student was detained in an operation launched by security forces. He was found carrying a gun.”

    Cobanoglu said, “it is very important that a suspect has been detained in connection with the incident which saddened Turkey. Judicial investigation process has started.” Cobanoglu said the suspect was caught in a house in the city
    center at around 03.30 local time. “He has been making statements about the incident,” he noted. Cobanoglu said provisions of law on Children Protection will be  applied as the suspect is below 18 years old. The Public Prosecutor refrained from identifying the suspect. “I don't want to make any statement about the reason of the killing. Necessary announcement will be made after the links are revealed,” he indicated.

    The priest of the Santa Maria Church in Trabzon was killed in an armed attack on Sunday. Andrea Santaro, 60, was shot twice hours after a Sunday Mass at  the church which was built in the 19th century under Ottoman Sultan
    Abdulmejid I.


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