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    A new approach for teaching mathematics

    22.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - The lecturers at Darüşşafaka Education Institutions have found a new approach to teaching maths by adding a bit of culture into the mix. Students have been asked to answer questions using carpet designs and have created their own motifs through mathematics.

    The "Good Models in Education Conference" organized for the sixth time this year by the Education Reform Initiative took place at Sabancı University. In attendance were around 2,000 teachers and lecturers from all over Turkey. One of the 167 models on exhibit was "A multicultural look at mathematics with rugs and carpets."

    It is a project being practiced with fifth and sixth grade students at Darüşşafaka and MEF Education Institutions. The project, prepared by Meltem Celan Alibeyoğlu, Funda Oprukçu, and Vivian La Ferla from Darüşşafaka, alongside Sinan Olkun from Ankara University, first started with by determining nine areas of maths that could be taught using this method, such as fractions, ratios, proportions and geometry. Carpet motifs from the Hakkari area were taught to students with a photograph accompanying each problem. The students were then tasked to solve the problem by drawing carpet motifs.



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