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    A letter of apology from Australian company to Turkish community

    Hürriyet Haber
    16.09.2005 - 11:51 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Australian recyclable paper company Reflex, which made news this week with an inflammatory and racist ad campaign using Turkish Australian citizens from Melbourne, has written a general letter of apology to the community. The coimpany said that the advertisement had been misinterpreted, though it made no firm promises as to whether or not the ad itself would be withdrawn from the market.

    Company spokesperson Craig Dunn said that Reflex had "definitely not chosen any one ethnic group as a target." The Turks featured in the ad, who claim that they were tricked into posing for a deragatory photograph, are referred to in the legend of the ad as "rubbish from abroad."
    President of the Australia Gallipoli Friendship Union, Gul Arslan, has said that he does not find the apology issued by Reflex very convincing. Said Arslan, "These sort of incidents have increased since September 11."



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