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    3-Year Prison If He Cannot Find 8 Trillion TL

    Hürriyet Haber
    14 Nisan 2004 - 10:20Son Güncelleme : 14 Nisan 2004 - 10:20

    Ship owner Kahraman Sadikoglu was taken under custody in Dubai on grounds that he was indebted 5 million dollars. Unless he finds the money until Monday, he will be imprisoned for 3 years.

    The guarantee letter of 5 million dollars given by Sadikoglu, who constructs vessels in United Arab Emirates, became unvalid due to his failure to finish the work on time. However, Sadikoglu asserts that he has a credit of 12 million dollars.

    In a telephone conversation, Sadikoglu said, “I will compensate this money by bringing cash from the building-site in Iraq. I expect and end to my custody after I bring the money.



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